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HP VH240a 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Built-in Speaker

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Video Review by Tensor Gaming…

of the “HP VH240a”

0:23  product specs

0:58  refresh rate/response time

1:10  product limitation at 60Hz

1:26  buttons location

1:36  connectivity ports(no Display port)

1:56  tilting angles/wall-mount option

2:11  product price

2:25  color depth

2:45  full product specs

Video Review by Yurlee Royal…

of the “HP VH240a Monitor”

0:10  product specs

1:14  product unboxing

2:28  “this monitor only has three inputs – that’s right, three: HDMI, VGA and Auxiliary…”

3:08  product setup

3:58  bezels

4:15  built-in speaker location

4:32  HDMI / VGA / Aux ports / Menu / Power button location

4:47  pivot/tilt/height adjustment demo

5:10  wall mounting

Video Review by DAA Tech&Media…

of the “HP VH240a”

0:14  screen size

0:42  screen resolution/response time/refresh rate

0:59  integrated speakers

1:10  tilt feature

1:26  “one of the best budget monitors on the market…”



  • setup is a breeze
  • adjusting the height, tilt, swivel feels smooth and easy
  • screen’s bezel is thin which is good for multiple monitor use
  • aesthetically pleasing with sleek design
  • colors produced are crisp and clear
  • value for money
  • perfect for home/office use
  • sound produced by built-in speakers are of poor quality
  • screen orientation needs to be done manually
  • some reported occasional blurring when viewing fast movements
  • some claimed that the quality of the materials used was fragile


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