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Kinsa Smart Quickcare Thermometer
Kinsa Smart Quickcare Thermometer
Kinsa Smart Quickcare Thermometer
Kinsa Smart Quickcare Thermometer
Kinsa Smart Quickcare Thermometer
Kinsa Smart Quickcare Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Quickcare Thermometer

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Video Review by The Fresh Pharmacist…

of the “Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer”

9:40  product description / how it works

10:23  cool app features

11:05  easy setup (after downloading the app)

11:40  reading time may time up to 8 secs, however the app has games to play while waiting

11:53  app keeps a detailed record

12:06  app medication reminders / dosage information etc

12:28  best feature is the ability to easily send records/notes to your Doctor

12:48  why its widely used by schools / communities

13:28  gives you options / tips on what to do in a scenario

14:08  readings are slower compared to infrared thermometers / requires extra care when taking rectal readings

15:13  summary of pros


Video Review by Simply Raising Arrows…

of the “Kinsa thermometer”

0:11  product close up

0:25  how it works / product features

0:49  app has a game to entertain your child while waiting for the reading

1:06  it tracks and records all your symptoms which you can share with your Doctor

1:17  used by schools / updates from the school

2:01  she finds the app cute… “it kinda talks to you like a nurse would”

2:17  other Kinsa thermometers available (smart ear and smart stick thermometer)


Video Review by GwiraGang…

of the “Kinsa Smart Thermometer”

1:11  product close up / description

1:39  wireless / easy record keeping with the app

2:20  easy app setup

2:39  app helps with recommendations

3:22  kinsa app interface demo

3:44  sesame street mode for your kids to enjoy

4:51  product usage demonstration

5:24  concluding thoughts



  • fast and accurate readings
  • kinsa app is user-friendly and easy to set up
  • app keeps a record for future use e.g. sharing with Doctor
  • the app can be set to remind you when to give medication and how much to give
  • sesame street feature and the bubble popping game for kids
  • durable, portable design
  • trusted and used by schools
  • reasonably priced / good value for money
  • buy the original product for accurate readings
  • some reviewers had issues loading data from the kinsa smartstick app to the kinsa quickcare app
  • the app only works with a phone and not on a laptop/computer 
  • inaccurate readings 
  • the app can only be accessed from one account/phone
  • some reviewers dislike the style / design


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